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Soaring Spirits Artist's Statement November 4, 2001


Two days after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, I began sketching as a personal response to this atrocity. Like many of us, I was grief stricken by the number of victims and the amount of lives lost. I simply could not continue to paint pretty pictures and had to reassess my role as an artist. For is not the purpose of art to see beyond the surface of things, to uncover truths, to seek meaning. I felt obligated to fulfill this role and create a work of art that could help make sense of it all, perhaps raise spiritual awareness and offer condolence.  So I commissioned myself to create this monumental painting that will serve to honor the souls who have not perished, but have moved to a new dimension.  It is my candle.

We must remember September 11th and we need to see the faces of each of the souls that became angels on September 11th.  Faith, love and hope coming out of destruction is the theme around which the victims will be honored.


This painting will be on display at the Sachem Public Library in September 2019.