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Priming Canvas with Oil Based Primer


Oil primer on raw canvas verse acrylic primer. Well, I recently used an oil based primer on a store bought primed white stretched canvas and I didn't really like the slick surface.

I toned it and used it for a plein air painting (the Fire Island Lighthouse above). So I wouldn't recommend it on an already primed canvas. I will be experimenting with it on an unprimed linen canvas prepared with rabbit skin glue and then primed with the oil based primer and I'll be posting the results. 


Well, I didn't like the oil based primer on raw linen - it creates a slick surface and does not absorb the oil paint as much as the acrylic primer does - which may be desirable for some of you. The rabbit skin glue was not worth the effort for my painting goals. Perhaps for those of you who work abstract and are interested in surface techniques it might be worth trying, but for fine detail painting - I didn't find it too beneficial.

Happy Painting!



September 2018


My latest plein air painting below was done quickly with little planning and a bit of frustration looking at all those sunflowers and thinking - you've got to be kidding. So I just started painting and kind of let go of it - not having too much patience for detail expecially outdoors with all the bugs. I really didn't think it would come out too well until it became a right brain flow without too much thinking. I really do admire the painters who have the patience for incredable detail, it's just not what I'm after. The beauty of the moment and the place and most importantly the feeling that it invokes. And as I've recently said,

Painting is like fishing, sometimes you get the prize and other times you only get a bite.


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